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Sheenica Smiley

“I’ve been humble long enough, I’m about to start wildin’”

About Me!

If you don’t know by now, my name is Sheenica Smiley and I’m a Visual Artist. I’m originally from Alabama (often mistaken for being from up north because of my “accent”) and I’m the oldest of 5. I’m also a mother of 1 and family is everything to me. I’m a Creative by nature with a passion for all art forms to include drawing, painting, music, writing, photography & filmmaking. There’s nothing like coming up with an idea and then creating it into something real. Art is a reflection of you and it’s a blessing to be able to share it with the world.

As long as I can remember I’ve been obsessed with arts & colors. If it had anything to do with color pencils, markers, and scissors, I wanted IN! There wasn’t one school year that went by where I wasn’t enrolled in an art class and Lisa Frank school supplies was all I ever needed in my life. During my Junior year in high school I joined the yearbook committee and that’s where my love for photography began. I studied journalism and photography basics to include composition & lighting.

After graduating high school and a 2 year stint at Popeye’s, I joined the United States Air Force in 2004 at the tender age of 19. My first duty station was RAF Lakenheath, England where I took my first photography class and learned how to develop film. I purchased my first DSLR Canon camera in 2007 and started my professional photography & entrepreneurial career by doing my very first boudoir photoshoot September 1st of that same year and before the year ended I was a published photographer and the rest is history! I’ve been professionally creating ever since.

I have since obtained my B.A. in Film Production, currently finishing my Masters in Entertainment Business, and have worked with celebrities such as Kountry Wayne, Tink and J. Holiday. Although, I have branched off into other entrepreneurial ventures, to include real estate investing and teaching leadership & team building, art will always be my first love. Art is my anchor and I am blessed for where my work has taken me and excited for what has yet to come because this is only the beginning!


  • Associates of Science in Financial Management, 2014

  • Bachelor of Fine Arts in Film Production, 2015

  • Masters of Science in Entertainment Business, 2019

  • Ph.D, Organizational Leadership, Current


  • Published Photographer December 2007

  • 15 years of military & managerial experience