I have had the pleasure in working on several film projects over the years and it’s been some of the most rewarding work in the end. Creating film work has been challenging but I wouldn’t trade it for anything. I have produced various small project films to include “Closure” and “The Job” and co-produced music video, “Everything’s Alright.” Below are some of my favorite film projects that I’ve worked on.

I’m currently working preproduction on a few social media projects as well as a short film. We are on schedule to begin shooting in May of 2019.


“Closure” The Film by Antonya king-limmitt

A young woman seeks revenge on her boyfriend for convincing her to have an abortion after an unexpected pregnancy from her prior relationship.

I had the pleasure of producing this film in Atlanta, GA as our senior film. It was one of the best projects I worked on while I was in school. Antonya wrote, directed and starred as the main character. I am so proud of her and glad to have been a part of this project. This film was based on a true story and was near and dear to her so I am thankful that she trusted me to produce the film.

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“The rocks” a film by jared dunbar

After being released from jail, Heat is given 24 hours to track down the diamonds that he owes to a drug lord. Heat will stop at nothing to get those diamonds back to repay his debt.

Starring: Pokeyy A Spears, Gary Clevenger, Junior Bright, Rick Turner, Zane Pittman, Serge Koffi, Stephanie Pittman, Tia Byrd and Jada Giles.

Written & Directed by: Jared Dunbar Produced by: Gracie Lee Morris Byrd Director of Photography: Kyle Ware Edited by: Andru "Dru District" Voss Script Supervisor: Sheenica Smiley Audio Mixer: Willie Spivey Boom Operator: Willie Spivey Music By: Cleen Works, LLC & Al Cleveland Absolute Imperial Vibe's & Willie Spivey T

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Actor/Model: @eye_dont_have_dreads

Hair Styling: @hairbyselenabankhead

MUA/HairStyling: @hangnwithhairie

Director: @_chancer

Producer/Artist: @lexontheboard