Belli Ave - Online Boutique


Fashion, Meet Curves

Curves Ahead from Belli Ave CEO, Jasmine Thompson

Today was the first time I had the opportunity to collaborate with Belli Ave Boutique & Owner Jasmine Thompson. A new entrepreneur that I’ve known for a little over 2 years now. We’ve been planning and plotting for the past few months on her online clothing store and I am extremely excited to see that it’s nearly here!

Jasmine brought me on as her branding photographer for her company, Belli Ave Boutique, to capture images of her inventory for her website. I couldn’t be more proud to be apart of this as Belli Ave Boutique specializes in clothing for real women with real curves. We had a real intense conversation one day about women, their confidence, bodies and what society considers “sexy.” So when she told me what this boutique means to her and what it represented I couldn’t wait to start working.

This photoshoot was originally planned for an Atlanta location but we later decided to shoot in Macon, GA because it would make a lot of things easier all around. It was more cost efficient and less time consuming. We “winged” it on finding the location (I do not recommend this at all but…), we found a place downtown and started to shoot and I must say it worked itself out!