Shani Varner Workshop

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City Lights

A New Perspective & Inspiration

This past weekend... I had the opportunity to attend a photography workshop taught by one of the most talented photographers I've ever met, Shani Varner. I've been following his work for a while now and he travels often but I thought he lived in New York. One day I was going through his work on his website and noticed that he was having a workshop... IN ATLANTA! All this time, this young man was practically right up the road from me, based out of the ATL.

The workshop focused on shooting techniques with natural light. Not my strong suit at all so I was a little anxious as we got started but as time went on shani was very welcoming during the workshop. he gave his insight on shooting with emotion, shapes & lines. I also thought it was pretty interesting that more times than not his priority is aperture, shutter speed then iso. i’ve always have done my work the opposite direction with iso being my priority. It has a lot to do with me usually working with artificial light.

i learned so much from shani within 5-6 hours and then the model that he brought on for the shoot was everything! she sealed the deal with her amazing beautiful features! She was absolutely gorgeous! AND JUST as gorgeous on the inside. so sweet. I love meeting models who are down to earth and she was down like 4 flat tires. She was a trooper the entire workshop and it wasn't a short shoot! I look forward to working with her again as we’ve already discussed future collaborations!

This was so well worth the trip! I'm glad I was able to make it. I've been inspired to start creating again, pushing my limits and reflecting with new colors and new perspectives.

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