Nitro & Full Moons

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Nitro and I met in college in 2014-2015 and worked on a film project together so we have known each other for a few years now and we’ve been able to keep in touch but never able to just kick it! Here we are mid-2019 and finally between both of our busy schedules we were able to link and had some of the best conversations over a few days. And by “conversations” I mean he spoke and I listened. He is easily one of the most intelligent and hardest working men I know.  He gives me all kinds of vibes. Somewhere between Kendrick Lamar, Ghandi, 2Pac, Albert Einstein, Wiz Khalifa, Nelson Mandela, Nipsey Hussle, Malcolm X and Andre 3000... there’s Nitro. 

Now if you know anything about me, you KNOW I absolutely HATE small talk. If you are a “Small Talker” Oh my GOODNESS! Do NOT PASS GO! Do NOT collect $200! I’d rather sit in silence.

But If you’ve been fortunate enough to cross paths with Nitro, YOU ALSO KNOW he’s nowhere near the small of talking. He’s a complete 180. When we got together we discussed all kinds of topics to include film, business, leadership, blood-lines, generational wealth, eating clean, the Law of Attraction, history that’s not taught in schools and why, world economics, galaxies, planets AND Theory vs Law of Gravity. (👈🏾 As stated previously... HE spoke and I listened. 😂) I had plenty of questions though. What’s fascinating about him is that he’s so young but his soul feels like it’s been here before. His mindset is beyond many who are his age. It’s open, set on overdrive but steady and constantly taking in information. Learning how to constantly progress, grow and connect with like-minded people.

Along with everything else, Nitro is also an Artist and I got the chance to listen to some of his music that he has written, produced, and engineered and he owns various entertainment businesses based in Atlanta to include WZDM Management Agency where he manages music artists across the U.S. There’s just layers after layers when it comes to him. It was so much information and discussion that just poured out of him naturally and he made some powerful statements concerning life & business. I can’t help but to think if I can convince him to do a formal interview and just talk. Share his thoughts with the world.

Nitro is going to change the world. There is no doubt in my mind about it. I wish the world had more human beings like him.

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